Monday, August 21, 2017

Sugar wish

I wish to take some photos of
even just for the song
Sugar Man
from the movie
Searching For Sugar Man

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Happy birthday Uri Karin

Fresh Art Project

In case you are stage artists at the start on the way
and you are at Tel Aviv by chance - you can join me.
I am an Israeli photographer from Tel Aviv. I have a lot
of experience with stage art photography, mostly
with dance and music shows.

So, If you are dancers, musicians or actors in the start
of your way. In case you have a new rock group, dance group,
theater ensemble.... And if you are here at Tel Aviv.
I would be happy to take some photos of yours, make a little
interview with you and make a post at this blog.
It will be including some good photos that I took of yours
and tell some important things about you,
things like who you are, from where are you, what is
your stage art thing and future wishes.

As far as I used to be a jewelry and started with photography
during my work as a jewelry - a bit before I understood that
photography fits better to my way - the idea of photography with
that interview and post is open also to designers of jewels,
fashion and costumes.

The pleasure cost a little bit of money.
After all - photography is my work and I will give you a
stage at this blog. It's only for 150 NIS - the money at Israel.
It's worth like 45-50 USD. 
I receive cash and payments through PayPal.

You can contact me through e-mail

Saturday, August 19, 2017